What in the world is an Aprísco you ask?  In Portugese and Spanish, Aprísco means “a small corral or pen to hold sheep; a sheepfold”.  In my world, it is a portable little corral for your size 13/14 crochet hook and size 8 or 6 beads that you use in knitting.  Why does the world need an Aprísco you ask?  Answer:  because there isn’t anything else like it in the world.  Nothing.


Here is what it looks like under the hood:

imageThere is a nice little bench in the bottom with a groove to accommodate the crochet hook when it is not working.  The bottom also holds two removable bead containers with screw on lids.  Each of them will hold 10 mg of size 6 beads, probably more size 8 beads.

Oops! Spilled the beads!  We all hate it when that happens!  But, not a problem with Aprísco !



You can spill as many beads as you want, they cannot escape the bottom.  Notice the crochet hook in the ready position.  There is a hole in the groove to hold it upright.  You can fit 4 size 6 beads on it.  It is ready to go whenever you need it.  When you replace it, you don’t have to hit the hole exactly because on either side of it, the bench slants a bit to help guide the hook in.  Helps to avoid more spilled beads that way.  Almost forgot–see how the bottom sits on the lid?  There is a lip around the lid that functions as an anti-slip control.  Also, the inside of the lid, the part that is against the surface, is a different texture that the outside, which also helps to prevent slippage.

It has taken a couple of years for me to get to the beta testing I am starting today.  I had to form an LLC, connect with an attorney to file a patent, and now, finally, to send some of these out into the world to be tested by Knitters.  Testing will guide me in determining the answers to 2 questions–1) Is this device something that others find useful; and 2) what colors would be universally acceptable?

Four little Apríscos are going out into the Knitting World today.  Wish them well, check back for updates!

Walking down the path with MyBeadKeeper……

So, it’s like this.  I like to knit with beads.  The crochet hooks I use belonged to my Grandmother.  I lost one of them while trying to knit with beads on an airplane.  If you have ever tried this, you know it is insane.  Losing the hook made me think, there has got to be a better way.  I got a cup and stuck the hook in the cup.  Works OK, but then you have to put the beads in something.  And when you are done, you have to put this hook in something….because it is seriously sharp.  It is easy to get it impaled into your forearm.  With 4 beads on it.  You can ask me how I know if you can’t figure it out.  Let’s just say you don’t want to stick it into your flesh, you want it in a safe place so that doesn’t happen again.

Enter MyBeadKeeper.  Details developing every day.  I am on my beta prototype.  A couple of weeks and I should have some ready to send out to some wonderful bead knitters who are willing to help  test this little project.  Stay tuned!

Charlotte’s Web? Charlotte Who???

“Charlotte?  I don’t know anyone named Charlotte’s Web.  Where is this Charlotte and her web?” asked MrTang.

.IMG_3429“WaiWAIT!  There was something I forgot to tell you WAIT!  thThere is s-s-something I forgot to….um…..um….ummmm.. tell you:/ ”  IMG_3871

The good news is—MrTang is no longer short on  fiber in his diet.  IMG_3895

“I kind of like the way the fringe slowly was nibbled off  shortened on this end,” offered MrTang.


“It still tastes good  has a lot of fringe here.”


“I could use it in my Japan box, you never made me a blanket for it.  I’ll never do it again to this shawl.


Meet My Knitting Assistant, MrTang.

It takes a dedicated Cat Assistant to wet block a shawl. IMG_0407Watching all of those little pins makes a cat very tired.

Guarding Lisa's Little Leaves Shawl…...

Guarding Lisa’s Little Leaves Shawl……

This Belle Nuit shawl requires a little quality control and extra inspection….

Inspecting my Belle Nuit Shawl…...

Double-checking Grandma Shibata's poncho/vest….

Double-checking Grandma Shibata’s poncho/vest prior to the blocking wires….

DSC_0758Mia’s Nancy kept flying up into the air, it required a full-body press to tame it.  Besides, it smelled a lot like Dreft and Tang doesn’t understand why ……….

And lastly, who couldn’t love a face like this????DSC_0760

Meet Rhys and his sister Bryn!

How cute are these two???   Pretty darned cute!!!DSC_0766When Rhys’ sister Bryn was born, he shared his holiday hats with her.  She got a new blanket……………DSC_0768…………..and because her big brother is sharing his hats with her, he got a whole new set!  He has a special one on order, a little deer with antlers and it is almost ready!  You can tell that Bryn loves her big brother!


How many hits???

The only problem that I encountered when I imported by Blogger account over to WP was that my hit counter started over a 0.  A very lonely number;/  is 0.   Over at

allthingsknitterly.blogspot.com you can check it out–it is 18,520 today.  The day I imported it was 18,505.  I will be deleting that spot very soon.  It’s kind of like picking out what number you want your new checks to start with when you open a new checking account.  It feels like leaving a piece of your life history behind. A new start.

Kind of a nice thing actually.  Starting all over again.  If you just graduated from college and you were starting your professional career, what would it look like?  Would you be at the same spot today?  Probably not.  Seriously, I would have gone to veterinary school.  For real:)  How about you?  Leave a comment.  If nothing else, I need to know if the comment-leaving-process works.  Can’t wait to hear what you say!

BlogEvolution, Wildfiber Studio and Socks That Rock

My first blog post was 13July2005.  I have just imported it to WordPress this past week and I wish I had done this years ago!  It was easy enough that I did it myself, and it is a very friendly interface, indeed.

2005 to now is 9 years.  Hard to believe it has been that long.  I just reviewed all of the posts from the first to last week’s.  I am going to point out some favorite posts in the next post.  The nice the about this platform is that you can use the Archives drop down menu to read a post that sounds interesting to you.  You can also use the search window.  For example, type in “socks” and it will pull up all the posts with the word “socks” in it.  Cool, eh?

It was a memorable read reviewing these posts today.  There were several things I realized.  First, I should blog more often.  It really is enlightening to read through my historical timeline via my knitting life.  I knew I had discovered Wildfiber (now Wildfiber Studio) in Santa Monica early in my sock knitting life, but I couldn’t remember exactly when.  I know that I joined Blue Moon FIber Art’s Rockin’ Sock Club after discovered Socks That Rock yarn at Wildfiber.  I joined RSC in 2006, 8 years ago.  I must have discovered Wildfiber in late 2006.

I came about this discovery in a round-about, knitterly quest.  I listened to a podcast that talked about STR yarn at a wool and fiber festival–can’t remember the location, perhaps Maryland?  They talked about the long line at the booth with STR and how they were finally able to buy some of this sock yarn.  That started the hunt to find STR.  I looked at their website and started calling their stockists.  Couldn’t find any yarn in any of them. The more difficult it was to find it, the more I HAD TO HAVE IT.  Have you ever been there? Finally, one shop told me that I would be better off ordering it from them directly.  It was about this time that I found it at Wildfiber, a completely wonderful surprise!

Not only did Wildfiber have STR, they had tons of Koigu and cashmere and Rowan and everything I could ever want:).  The store was filled with natural light and friendly people.  Search “Wildfiber” in my posts.  They still have everything you want, more natural light, and even friendlier people!

 Just as we evolve in our craft, so has Wildfiber Studio.  It is at the same location and the name has changed slightly.  The owners have changed, but they are even more friendly and helpful.  If you get within 50 miles, you really must visit.  I like that they carry so many independent dyers.  There is something for everyone there.

I have had the pleasure of teaching two Beaded Bracelet classes at Wildfiber Studio.  It’s a 3 1/2 hour class, and it is possible to finish a narrow bracelet during the class.  Here are some of my students creating—IMG_3819 IMG_3817 IMG_3818

Till next time, Happy Knitting!  Here is the teaser photo for my next post–


allthingsknitterly is allthingsnew!

I finally opened a WordPress account and exported my old blog from Blogger then imported to this site, all of that and it is not quite Midnight:30!  I have so much to get caught up on—here are upcoming teasers–Brides, Babies, Island Knitting Retreat with Cat Bordhi, lots of shawls, lots of ideas (Just How Addicted are You?), teaching Beaded Bracelets at Wildfiber Studio in Santa Monica, setting up my Etsy shop, and last but certainly not least, MyBeadKeeper in born! (actually, it is in the prototype stage, about 3 weeks away from final editing).  All this and more!  This WordPress platform looks to be much morefriendly with uploading pictures, customizing, etc.  Check back frequently!

This post’s teaser, explained next time, is The Viral Bracelet……………..


This is why I knit!

Did I mention that I had the pleasure of knitting for 3 babes born between mid October and this past Saturday?  So much more fun to knit for them!  Actually, fun to knit for anyone who loves it!  The babe line up goes like this–in chronological order–Jackson, Ozzy, Addison, Dizzy, Brody, Rhys, Quinn, Grayson, Kate, Brooklyn and new to the batting order–Lane!  But—Lane is the first to be wrapped in his “Nancy” on the way home from the hospital!  If you are a crafter of any kind, you know how happy that makes me!


Do you have an iPhone???? Do you have a Smartphone????

Hello there!  This is the full version of my iPhone saga.  If you have an iPhone, it is very important that you activate Find Your iPhone and know how to use it.  This is why……..

Wednesday, 14 May
I met a Knit Sib at Kneader’s on Avenue B at about 3:45.  We chatted away, ate a high calorie dessert and shared knitting projects/plans.  We were seated in a booth.  Another friend of ours (not a Knitter) showed up with his son.  They bought some drinks and desserts.  If you are familiar with Kneader’s, they sat at the long table between the booth and the soda dispensers.  My Knit Sib left, I kept talking to our other friends.  Sometime during this time, I pushed my knitting bag which pushed the keys to the wall end of the table and they were lodged in the space betweent the end of the table and the wall, about a 1″ space.  I thought it made a surprisingly loud noise.  I plucked them up and set them on the table closer to me.  I think that is when my phone fell off the table.

The other friend, his son and I all talked for about 15 or 20 more minutes.  We got up and exited through the patio door.  I was pulling my wheeled tote with one hand and had my keys in the other hand.  I walked on the asphalt around to my car, they went to theirs.  I loaded up my stuff and left.

I stopped briefly at Walgreens then went home.  I sat down in my chair and realized my phone wasn’t in my pocket.  It wasn’t in my knitting bag or in the wheeled tote.  I went back out to the car, no phone.  We got rid of our land line several months ago.  I was the only one who used it, and the only thing I used it for was to call my phone do find out where it was.  Funny how those phones get lost under  the paper, the mail, etc.  When I couldn’t find it, I immediately went back to Kneader’s.

It was no more than 30 minutes since I had left.  I looked under the table, no phone.  It wasn’t under the benches or adjoining boothes.  I asked the two ladies working at the counter.  They looked at each other, said neither had seen it, no one had turned it in.  One went to the manager’s office and returned, saying that it wasn’t there.  I went home again.

By this time it was about 5:40.  I retraced my steps in the house.  Looked in all of the usual places where I may have tossed it-the bed, bathroom counter, makeup table, washer, kitchen island, recliner, etc.  No phone.  I put the foot rest on the recliner up, tilted it upside down and only found random stitch markers and runaway beads from recent knitting projects.  No phone.  Curt came home and I told him the story.  I used his phone to try to call mine.  It went straight to voice mail, like it does when you power it down.  He went to my car and moved the seat around.  There are lots of nooks and crannies around car seats.  No phone.  We both left around 6:15 to different destinations.  I wanted to go back to Kneaders again because I couldn’t believe it had vanished.  I wanted to run my hand along the back edge of the table and check at Walgreen’s.

On the second trip to Kneader’s, no phone, althought they had cleaned under the table since my last visit as a toy a child behind me dropped earlier was no longer there.  I went to Walgreen’s, no phone.  I got Panda take out and went home.

By this time the phone had been gone for at least an hour and a half.  I signed onto my ipad and opened up Find Your iPhone.*  There were 3 iphones listed, 2 iPads and my MacBookAir.  I had activiated this app on my previous 2 phones.  All were listed as offline.  I locked the one that I thought was my current phone.  All 3 were offline.  The prompts let you sound an alert and leave a message that will show on the screen when the phone is activated.  I did this.  I thought about calling the non-emergency PD number.  Because I had no other phone I couldn’t call.

I checked on it periodically through the night.  All three phones remained offline.  I tried at about 6:30 morning, they were all 3 still offline.  I tried about 15 mintues later and it was online.  It showed its location on a map.  It was off of 24th Street in the Manors east of Kennedy Pool.  * I immediately thought to myself that I would just drive over there, knock on their door and asked for it.  As soon as I thought this I realized how stupid that would be.  I got my morning iced coffee and went to school, deciding to talk to our SRO as soon as I got there.

I saw him by the bus lane and explained what had happened.  We went into Admin and signed onto icloud and onto Find my phone.  It still showed that it was at that location but it had moved slightly.  Our SRO, Cpl Resendiz was awesome.  He took over the computer and used Google maps, and eventually Zillow with the GPS location and send an alert and a new message on the screen stating “this phone has been reported as lost/stolen to YPD and an officer is on his way to pick up the phone.”  He also left a number so that the person who had it could call to report it.  I had a custom case on the phone that was a photo of a unique sweater that I had designed.  I took it to show it to him because it is easily recognizeable  and unique*

He went to the address and explaned to the man who answered the door the situation and that the phone could either be in their house or the one just to the south.  The GPS location showed it against the far southwest corner of the house.  The man said neither he nor his wife worked at Kneaders, they  did not have any kids who worked there and they had not been there yesterday.  He went to the house next door.

Before he reached the door, one of the parents in this house had seen his YPD car and had called her daughter at her school to find out what she wanted them to do about the phone.  Apparently this parent had heard the alerts and read the screen messages.  The SRO took the phone and went to her school.  He had called our Admin and told them to let me know that he had the phone was still investigating.

He pulled her from class and interviewed her, getting her version of the story, which I won’t go into her, except to say that the details didn’t add up.  He talked to the General Manager at Kneader’s about the situation.  He returned to Cibola with my phone.  It was undamaged and without its case*, which was a surprise to me.  He interviewed my further and asked me to write up a statement.  I noticed that my start up screen photo had been replaced.  The light settings were different. *

I watched the progress of the phone from the house where he found it back to the other high school then to my school via the GPS trail on Find my phone.  When you see this signal, your phone is within 3 feet of that location.  I did not know that it was that accurate.  I did not know that I could have called the non-emergency PD number, I thought it was pretty much a lost cause.  I was not familiar with the app and how to use it.*

So—here are my lessons learned.  *******
1.  Activiate this app on your phone and know how to use it.
2.  When you first realize your phone is missing, sign on to Find My Phone and lock it up.  Send the alert and a screen message.     If there is more than one phone listed on this app you better lock them all.  It is very easy to unlock them, you will be prompted to enter the code you set when you locked it up.
3.  Retrace your steps in your house, your car, where ever you think you may have left it.
4.  Search again.
5. Send  another alert to your phone from the app.   Send it multiple times   This is better than calling it.  If you call, the thief will turn your phone off especially if the screen registers the incoming call as from “Home”.  There is nothing they can do to stop the alert tone.
6.  Do not drive to the phone’s location and think you can knock on the door and ask for it. To do this would be DANGEROUS and STUPID.  Call your Police Department’s non-emergency line.  This is what they do.  They know how to work with theives.  They do it everyday.
7.  Do not be so naive as to think it will  return in the case you had, however special you might think it is.  The person who took it is a thief and will have discarded your case.  Do not be surprised that they have changed your settings.
8.  Check to see if they took any photos with your phone or made and calls or texts.  You should report this to the investigating officer.

Please pass this on to anyone you know who has an iPhone.  I am sure that other smart phones have similar programs.  You need to act quickly.   Don’t be naive.  You need the help of your very capable Police Department.  Our SRO, Cpl Resendiz rocks!