Charlotte the First and Mr. Tang

This is Charlotte’s Web, the first one I knitted in 2005, after discharge from shawl rehab. It was and is a well-loved, well worn shawl. My first blog post at was about her. She spawned a ton of other Charlottes from my KnitSibs. I wore this shawl A LOT. Mr. Tang loved it too, a little more than me.

Who couldn’t love this face, complete with the dollop of whipped cream on his chin?

Tang was a Fringe-Eater. He made some mods to my Charlotte, sometime around 2012. He also modified an afghan my grandmother crocheted.

Afghan crocheted by my Grandmother

Obviously, the afghan is still able to keep my warm. The shawl was not wearable. I gathered yarn over the years—10 of them—and finally was in the mindset to fix it. That’s what this post is all about.

Step 1-remove the fringe. Mind you, it was fringed 17 years ago. The original Koigu pattern called for 5 skeins, but I found out that the last color barely had enough yarn leftover for tiny inclusions in the fringe. That particular color was half the length of the other fringes. I de-fringed and sorted by color.

Fringe sorted, crocheted edging evaluated and I decided to surgically remove it. Removed, re-crocheted, fringed, given a good bath in Eucalan and a serious wet blocking!

Still miss the little fringe-eater though.

One response to “Charlotte the First and Mr. Tang”

  1. Love the precision that u used…beautiful job


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