I met with Terre Paulin Munk today after work at the Northend Coffee House.  You have to check this establishment out!  They have some great coffee drinks, very unique, and bake their own scones, bagels, and other yummy desserts.  They open at 6 and they are veryyyyyy close to my work.  I plan on making them a regular morning stop!  But back to the knitting………….

Terre has been knitting since July 2016.  She knits socks.  In fact, she has knitted 13 pair in the past year.  That’s 1 pair a month, y’all!  Did you know that there are over 14,000 stitches in a sock?  She knits them on 9′ circulars.  If you have knitted anything in your life, you know how tiny sock yarn is, and how small the needles are that you use for socks.  Tiny.  Anywhere from size 0 to a 2.  Most people start knitting (at least those I teach) on a 10 1/2 or 11.  

Some of you I know are thinking to yourselves “Why knit socks?  Why not just buy them?”  There are a couple of compelling reasons why.  #1. They are the ultimate multidimensional knitting.  The first time you turn a heel and realize that you have made something that will actually fit around a body part, its nothing short of a miracle.  #2, just try one on.  They fit like no other.  If you want to try one on, I’ll let you try one of mine.  Then I’ll help you learn to knit one.  You’ll fall in love with sock knitting.  

So think about that for a minute!  If you have been thinking about knitting but don’t think you can do it, just think about what Terre has accomplished in just 1 year.  If she can do it, so can you!   So—dust off your needles and pick out a pattern and some yarn!  If you don’t know what to knit, call a friend for ideas!  Call me for ideas!  We are looking at a meet-up on Sunday, September 17.  Details are still being worked out–subscribe to keep up on the details!