Come get your KNITTING ZEN on this Sunday!

YES !  Knitting season is finally here!  We are going to gather this Sunday, September 17, at 12:30, at the Clubhouse at the Villa de Coronado townhouses at Mesa del Sol for a little fiber comaraderie!  The address is 12172 Via Loma Vista, Yuma, AZ 85367.    As you drive in the entrance, the parking lot is straight ahead.  The clubhouse is located behind the pool with the door on the right hand side by the road.  Please do not park on the road, as there is plenty of room in the parking lot.  

Please share this invite with anyone you know who is a knitter, or who wants to learn.  There will be knitters of all levels, from beginners to old,  seasoned, ancient     experienced!  There is no agenda, except to meet old and new friends who share a common interest, so I hope you can make it!  

A SPECIAL SHOUT OUT TO ALL NEW KNITTERS!  For the sake of clarity, new knitters will be described as those who haven’t finished their first project yet, perhaps they will be starting their first project this very day.  There will be a drawing for some yarn to start your stash which will be suitable for a new knitter!  So please feel welcome and come, there will be loads of fun as you learn the soothing art of knitting!
AND A SPECIAL SHOUT OUT TO KNITTERS WHO HAVE FINISHED AT LEAST ONE PROJECT!  Bring something for show and tell–something that you keep in your knitting bag that you find to be an important tool.  Not necessarily something that you bought in a yarn store or a big box craft store’s yarn department, but something that is an everyday helpful object.  This will be especially helpful for New Knitters to hear about, so remember those days and share with us!
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