This is a test…….

I haven’t used this blog is quite some time, and I want to see if it still works. When I initially changed over from blogspot to WordPress, it was easier to use. But firing it up again tonight seems awkward, so we”ll see how it goes.

I have been extremely busy for summer vacation, such as it is. Prepping a vacation house to sell. It is too far away, way too big and requires way too much energy to keep up, so time to move on. Selling a place is a lot of work though, as I am finding out. I will keep my fingers crossed that it goes quickly! It has a lot of fond memories, but it is simply time to move on. Not my idea of a retirement house or retirement community for that matter.

I am also prepping for a cruise in July, which is super exciting! Scandinavia this time, starts and ends in Denmark. We visit two ports in Norway, Iceland, the Faroes, and the Shetlands before returning to Copenhagen. I will spend a couple of extra days in London before going home. I get home, then it is back to work the next day. I’ll have a couple of crazy months at the beginning of school, then it’s off to Iowa for my husband’s high school reunion. The weather there will definitely be better than it is at home at the end of September!

My wrist is getting stronger every day. I do have issues with the other one, but I have adjusted my knitting and know my limits, so it is manageable at this point.

Hope this test works—I will be brave and try a photo next time……..

One response to “This is a test…….”

  1. Elaine McLain Avatar
    Elaine McLain

    It works great, and it was wonderful t0 get news from you.


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