Porirua and Gear Woolshed Fibre Arts

Attended a meeting of the Gear Woolshed Fibre Arts groupPorirua today. The meeting was in the Woolshed of the Gear Homestead. The people here are all so friendly. We are all wooly people. The blooms in the photo are on a giant camellia.

James Gear built this house for his wife in the 1860’s. He was a pioneer in the export of frozen meat. His first wife died, he was 41 when he married his 20 year wife, built this house and started another family. The walkway across the back led to another house that he built in order to have a place to get away from noise and energy of his young family😊.

Cabbage trees looking out from the Gear Homestead over Porirua Harbor. They have a bloom with a fruit of sorts at the base that resembles a cabbage. Many were wiped out in the past years by and infection. They look similar to yuccas but are trees.

Today we head to the Manawatu retreat at Sixtus Ranch, near Apiti, in the Ruahine Range. Internet will probably not be available so I will not be posting until Monday. Till then, be well!

One response to “Porirua and Gear Woolshed Fibre Arts”

  1. Nancy,

    Thank you for your lovely posts and photos. Truly gives me a better feel for NZ!


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