The Beautiful art of Felting

A friend of Sheena’s who lives in the same village came to visit us. Tricia and I went to her house to see her felting and it was breathtaking. I decided to put these photos in a separate post because they deserve their own spot. Enjoy, and look at the detail!

Inspired by Blenheim on the South Island. The canopy of the trees is wool felted on silk fabric. Zoom in to appreciate the texture on these. If I know the inspiration, I listed it.

Inspiration was the Three Sisters near Sydney, Australia.

Kapiti Island and the artist’s brother and sister in law.

Zoom in on those rocks….

Tui, a common bird in New Zealand.

And last, a wooden bowl and eggs turned by Edna’s husband. Also in the bowl, bottomL and R, a sea shell and Edna’s felted seashell (hard to tell which is which), a huge chunk of amber, a a big black blob of wale vomit. YES, whale vomit. It can be sold and is used in the perfume industry. It is much lighter weight than a rock the same size.

So glad to be able to have seen these beautiful wet felted pieces of art!

3 responses to “The Beautiful art of Felting”

  1. Blanca Woodhouse Avatar
    Blanca Woodhouse

    These felted pieces are unbelievable. The colors appeal to the eye and your fingertips can almost sense the touch! Love these.


    1. It was all I could do to not reach out and touch them!


  2. I sent pictures of these felts to my niece who also felts she was so impressed
    What a wonderful time you must be having😊


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