Wellington to Paraparaumu!

A 45 minute train ride (absolutely cleanest form of public transportation I have even seen) and I am in Paraparaumu. Sheena met me at the train station. We went to buy groceries that’s what this post is about, plus the Blood Moon, but more about that later.

I was amazed at the produce section, as you can see. Everything is clearly labeled as to its origin. No guessing or looking for a tiny sticker that may have fallen off to find out where you food was grown. This is the rule here, as a result of the citizens wanting to know where their food was produced. See this first photo? The only item I found not grown in New Zealand was a large bag of peeled garlic that was from China. There was another long display case opposite from this filled with other veggies and fruit, almost all products of New Zealand.

Cauliflower trimmed so that those who want it but not a whole head, or who may have difficulty cutting it can still buy it. Plus, no food waste.

These asparagus stalks were as thick as my thumb.

Blood Moon over NewZealand (totals lunar eclipse). Next one occurs March 14, 2025. Zoom in to see it up close!

It is Wednesday here in NZ. This morning we are going to Paraparaumu Arts and Crafts, a local guild. Will try to post again tonight with some photos of the land and sea.


One response to “Wellington to Paraparaumu!”

  1. Robbie woodhouse Avatar
    Robbie woodhouse

    Very interesting your grocery store visit. Here the produce is supposed to have a sticker say where was grown but not always the case. I can tell your having fun!


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