And away we go!

Off to New Zealand! In talking to some acquaintances, it became apparent that many of us have forgotten elementary school geography of the world, so I decided to include this little refresher before I get started on my journey.

New Zealand is a parliamentary democracy with the King of England as their nominal head of state. Their Prime Minister is Jacinda Arden. The have an elected Parliament. There are two main islands in the archipelago and smaller outlying islands. It is about the size of the state of Colorado. The total population in 2019 was 5 million people. About 3/4 of the population live on the North Island. The capital is Wellington, which is located on the south end of the North Island.

I will fly into Auckland then take a domestic flight to Wellington where I will spend the night and visit their national museum, Te Papa. On Tuesday, I will be visiting my friend Sheena, who lives a bit north of Wellington. We will be attending a fiber retreat in the bush on the North Island, then head to the South Island to tour. Maps, photos, travel commentary to follow! Subscribe to follow when I post. Not all places have internet, so it might be sporadic.

Just to clarify, (because someone actually asked) they speak English in NZ. Along with a lot of other languages, just like the US. They are not a 3rd world country, they are modern and progressive. Koalas are in Australia, not New Zealand. Thanksgiving the way we think of it (turkey etc) is an American holiday. They have something along that line but their history is different than ours.

****EDIT:NZ women have had the right to vote since 1893, 25 yrs before Britain and the US. They have elected their 3rd female head of state. The first was on 1997. They have allowed same sex marriage since 2013.

My flight leaves at 8:55 PM Saturday, November 5 from Los Angeles. It is a 14 hour flight and crosses the International Dateline, so Iwill be a day ahead of the US. New Zealand is 20 hours ahead of Mountain Standard time. To determine the time in New Zealand, think of Arizona time in a military format. Subtract 4 hours, then add the word “tomorrow”. For example, if it is 10AM in Yuma—

10 – 4 = 6 + tomorrow= 6AM tomorrow. I leave November 5. When I land, it will be Monday, November 7.

If it is 2PM in AZ, that would be 1400 in a military format.

14:00 hours – 4 hours = 10:00 + tomorrow=10AM tomorrow.

Just for kicks, my return flight departs Dec 4 at 11:55PM—-that is the time when the plane is pushed back from the gate. We won’t be airborne until Dec 5. I arrive in LA on Dec 4 at 3:00PM. Confused? Google “International Dateline”!

I have never crossed the International Dateline, have you?


4 responses to “And away we go!”

  1. Excellent geography lesson and travel update! Sending love and best wishes. Deb

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Blanca Woodhouse Avatar
    Blanca Woodhouse

    Blessings Nancy!


  3. Have a great adventure Nancy I know you are super excited and we are excited for you too!! Love you have a safe trip and take lots of pictures!!


  4. Vera Simpson (Paula) Avatar
    Vera Simpson (Paula)

    Such an adventure, thank you for sharing, enjoy!!


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