New Zealand in November!!

I am visiting Sheena in November! She has lived there for years and I am so excited to see her again and to visit this beautiful country. I will be documenting my visit on this blog, so if you want to follow along, subscribe!

I have been auditioning projects for my travel. Lots have come onto the list and been deleted. Requirements include:

  1. Size-must be small.
  2. Not too fussy. Small chart or pattern to keep my brain engaged.
  3. Engaging enough to not put me to sleep. Therefore, no all-garter.

Here are the top contenders so far!

Left-Monkey Pride Sock in BMFA Socks That Rock, Pride Colorway. I can knit these on auto-pilot (until I get to the heel).

Center, Stochastic hat in Merino Worsted , colorway Monte Carlo Blue, by Gauge Dyeworks. Fun pattern and you don’t to do anything until the color changes. I have two others to do out of this yarn/pattern.

Right, 22 Cowl by Casapinka in Chicken Coop Dyeworks, colorways YardBird and Chard. Love me some Casapinka and Sharon From Security, and we all know this Cat really calls the shots!

I would love to take this one but the yarn is dark, which would be hard to see in low light. Plus, there are charts to deal with. I have all of these in Knitter’s Companion so it wouldn’t be that hard to transport. I probably won’t take it, because I do want to get the hats done in time for Christmas. I usually take too many knitting projects. Plus, I “might” be buying a little yarn along the way😂. How about you?

3 responses to “New Zealand in November!!”

  1. Nancy, YOU are truly AMAZING and beyond TALENTED! ❤️


  2. I’d only take enough time do on the travels there so you can work on projects you buy in New Zealand


    1. Excellent idea! Will follw your advice!


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