Finished Objects!

On the left, my Monsoon T Shirt by Susan Chastain. Designed to remember the 2021 Monsoon in Flagstaff. Knitted in Black Cat Studio fingering weight from Purl in the Pines in Flagstaff. Miss this shop!

Center and right, my hybrid T knitted in Kenzie. Body and sleeves done on my knitting machine, colorwork and ribs done by hand. I did block it, but it has a wrinkle in the front from being folded.

Melting Marl Shawl by Stephen West. Yarn curated from The Knitting Tree LA and my stash. An exercise in venturing outside my color comfort zone and I loved it. Discovered I have all of these colors in my closet😊

For young Mr. Archie Domby (who will make his entrance into the world in December) a Reversible Triangles blanket. The second blanket I knitted was a for a little cutie named Ozzie, who dubbed it his “Nancy”. This is the 26th Nancy I have knitted🥰. I flew through this, started last Thursday when I received the yarn and blocked it Monday😵. I always give some of the yarn to the mom, in the hope that one day they will ask me to repair it because it has been well-loved🥰. This was commissioned by his Grandma who is a good friend of mine.

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