Charlottes the I, II, III, and IV

Charlotte the I, the one that started it Koigu.

Charlotte the II, knitted in a solid electric green because my friend Helen entered the wrong Koigu number on the Patternworks website….it was supposed to be a crimson color and this came instead…but I love greens…and it is 100% Koigu.

Charlotte the III, the relaxed, remnant version. This one always gets a nice nod when worn in public. Total random remnants…probably lots of Socks That Rock with the occasional electric lime green thrown in just to keep the earth rotating on its axis………

And finally, but certainly not my last, Charlotte the IV. Cast on while visiting Deb this summer in Utah. We cast on sister Charlottes😊. Knitted in Gusto fingering, from The Knitting Tree LA, my “local” yarn shop I visit in LA.

This definitely won’t be my last Charlotte. I have a huge collection of remnant fingering weight and I love doing the ones with more contrast. It actually is fairly quick knit for a lace shawl, and you get to rest on the purl rows, so bonus! If you want to dive into a lace shawl, this is a great one. I will share my edits with you as the pattern is quite easy but a bit confusing to get started. When we did the KAL in 2005 I rewrote the pattern and developed a row by row stitch count chart that helps a bunch. It is an 8 stitch 4 row repeat, but two of the four rows are the same, so 3. You can do it! As you can see, you can buy all new yarn or go the random way, it’s all good.

Reviving and reacquainting myself with this blog in preparation for my trip in November😊! Stay tuned for details. I will be writing about it here, with small teases of a photo or two on Facebook. Fibery holiday visiting a friend who lives in a beautiful place!


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One response to “Charlottes the I, II, III, and IV”

  1. Each one a thing of beauty


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