What in the world is an Aprísco you ask?  In Portugese and Spanish, Aprísco means “a small corral or pen to hold sheep; a sheepfold”.  In my world, it is a portable little corral for your size 13/14 crochet hook and size 8 or 6 beads that you use in knitting.  Why does the world need an Aprísco you ask?  Answer:  because there isn’t anything else like it in the world.  Nothing.


Here is what it looks like under the hood:

imageThere is a nice little bench in the bottom with a groove to accommodate the crochet hook when it is not working.  The bottom also holds two removable bead containers with screw on lids.  Each of them will hold 10 mg of size 6 beads, probably more size 8 beads.

Oops! Spilled the beads!  We all hate it when that happens!  But, not a problem with Aprísco !



You can spill as many beads as you want, they cannot escape the bottom.  Notice the crochet hook in the ready position.  There is a hole in the groove to hold it upright.  You can fit 4 size 6 beads on it.  It is ready to go whenever you need it.  When you replace it, you don’t have to hit the hole exactly because on either side of it, the bench slants a bit to help guide the hook in.  Helps to avoid more spilled beads that way.  Almost forgot–see how the bottom sits on the lid?  There is a lip around the lid that functions as an anti-slip control.  Also, the inside of the lid, the part that is against the surface, is a different texture that the outside, which also helps to prevent slippage.

It has taken a couple of years for me to get to the beta testing I am starting today.  I had to form an LLC, connect with an attorney to file a patent, and now, finally, to send some of these out into the world to be tested by Knitters.  Testing will guide me in determining the answers to 2 questions–1) Is this device something that others find useful; and 2) what colors would be universally acceptable?

Four little Apríscos are going out into the Knitting World today.  Wish them well, check back for updates!

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