Meet My Knitting Assistant, MrTang.

It takes a dedicated Cat Assistant to wet block a shawl. IMG_0407Watching all of those little pins makes a cat very tired.

Guarding Lisa's Little Leaves Shawl…...
Guarding Lisa’s Little Leaves Shawl……

This Belle Nuit shawl requires a little quality control and extra inspection….

Inspecting my Belle Nuit Shawl…...

Double-checking Grandma Shibata's poncho/vest….
Double-checking Grandma Shibata’s poncho/vest prior to the blocking wires….

DSC_0758Mia’s Nancy kept flying up into the air, it required a full-body press to tame it.  Besides, it smelled a lot like Dreft and Tang doesn’t understand why ……….

And lastly, who couldn’t love a face like this????DSC_0760

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