How many hits???

The only problem that I encountered when I imported by Blogger account over to WP was that my hit counter started over a 0.  A very lonely number;/  is 0.   Over at you can check it out–it is 18,520 today.  The day I imported it was 18,505.  I will be deleting that spot very soon.  It’s kind of like picking out what number you want your new checks to start with when you open a new checking account.  It feels like leaving a piece of your life history behind. A new start.

Kind of a nice thing actually.  Starting all over again.  If you just graduated from college and you were starting your professional career, what would it look like?  Would you be at the same spot today?  Probably not.  Seriously, I would have gone to veterinary school.  For real:)  How about you?  Leave a comment.  If nothing else, I need to know if the comment-leaving-process works.  Can’t wait to hear what you say!

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