allthingsknitterly is allthingsnew!

I finally opened a WordPress account and exported my old blog from Blogger then imported to this site, all of that and it is not quite Midnight:30!  I have so much to get caught up on—here are upcoming teasers–Brides, Babies, Island Knitting Retreat with Cat Bordhi, lots of shawls, lots of ideas (Just How Addicted are You?), teaching Beaded Bracelets at Wildfiber Studio in Santa Monica, setting up my Etsy shop, and last but certainly not least, MyBeadKeeper in born! (actually, it is in the prototype stage, about 3 weeks away from final editing).  All this and more!  This WordPress platform looks to be much morefriendly with uploading pictures, customizing, etc.  Check back frequently!

This post’s teaser, explained next time, is The Viral Bracelet……………..


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