And your Christmas gift is…………..not yet completed………….

I promise hereby that I (aka knitterati) will start my Christmas knitting in July.  I swear it.

I promise myself this every year, but especially this one.  Not that any excuse is valid here, but I have been busy.  You know, just like you have been.  Are you as much a procrastinator as me?  It’s not that I didn’t want to knit these things, its that I thought I had more time.  
First priority goes to brides ‘n babies.  There have been a lot of them, they just pop up out of nowhere and BOOM!  I am 4 projects behind.  Right now, all the babies are caught up.  I am however, one bride behind.  I gifted three babies between October and now.  
I keep having these ideas about blogging and I need to start acting on them.  If I can also re-learn how to do photos within the blog I will add those too.
My TAs at work are mostly girls-7 girls and one boy.  The girls were easy–I made them each a beaded Conglomeration bracelet.  Easy except again I procrastinated the knitting after I strung the beads.  And I gave them before the clasps so that I could get the sizes exactly right.  I knew I wnted to make my boy TA a hat but could not decide on the color.  Had an epiphany about 4 days before gifting that I should do it in USC colors, as he is a big fan of the Trojans.  Gave it to him ready for the decreases.  Finished them in time to deliver at his house the same day, except that the decrease section looked like crap.  So I frogged and reknit, gifted the  next day.  He loves it.  
I taught a beaded bracelet at Wildfiber in Santa Monica in early November.  It was a great fun time, and I realized that it took a lot of prep time.  I wanted to be completely prepared.  I was, but we had so much fun that I could have stayed with these ladies all afternoon.  A couple of them completed their bracelets.  Again, if I figure out the photo thing here, I will add photos.
I just got back from buying gift bags and cards.  Gift bags for the gifts that are not yet finished:/
Can we postpone Christmas a few days??? 

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