Finish on Friday!

I just finished this pair of Aquitanes today.  They are the first items dedicated as Christmas 2012.  I cast on last week an blew through them in less than a week.  I love this pattern by Sivia Harding.  I joined her Mezzaluna Shawl club last week too.   Every other month she will send a kit with one of her beaded shawl patterns complete with beads and yarn from Indie dyers.  It starts in August, I can’t wait!  If you’ve never knitted one of her patterns, you simply must.  They are well written–a joy to knit.  I made a list of all the projects I have on the needles in order to figure out what order I should finish-there also is a list of things I am itching to cast on.  I wound yarn for an Anemone hat.  I have these socks underway to0—

I am knitting these for a friend in Iowa.  The
one on the left, with the brown stripes was knitted first, up to this point.  Then I mailed it to her so she could check the circumference,
length and fit of the heel.  She mailed it back to me, and I knitted the blue one with the
changes.  I mailed it to her to double check the fit.  In the interim I started the mates for these two, as shown below.

Yup, as you might observe, I am knitting them two at once on one circ.  Once I get them up through the heels they will be caught up with their mates.   Should be good fora few comments when I knit on them out in the real world.

What do you have on your needles?

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