"You’ve got to be kidding me!"

Have you ever tried to explain the origin of the Yuma High Criminal?

Curt did last night, to Coach Rodriguez.

Here’s how it went—-

Curt: I am a Football Coach at one of the high schools here.

RichRod:  Which one?
Curt: Yuma High, you know, the Criminals.

RR:  You’ve got be kidding, that’s what they’re called? How do you get away with that?

Curt:  The original school downtown burned and the students were sent to the Administration Office at the Prison for classes for a couple of years.  They played one of the Phoenix schools sometime in the 1920’s and won when they weren’t expected to.  It was said by the fans of this school that the game had been stolen, and  Yuma High played like a bunch of Criminals.   With that and the fact that they had attended classes in the Prison for a time, the nickname stuck and became the mascot (can you tell he’s a History Teacher too?).

RR:  Nobody made them change it?

Curt:  Yuma High is 103 years old and we are still the Criminals.

RR:  That’s got to be one of a kind!
Yes, and we are proud to me one of kind!  I think we should send him a Criminal Football t-shirt, how about you?  Please vote!  Leave a comment if you like!

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