Helsinki 14July2010

The moon at Helsinki. This photo was taken as we arrived in port in Helsinki. Beautiful. And the city turned out to be one of my favorite port.
The Farmer’s Market near the city center is unbelievable. You could dive into these strawberries and eat yourself silly.
Like wise with the greens.

This cobblestone was on the pier when we exited the ship. Mesmerizing pattern, very inspirational
Menita was one of the yarn shops on our itinerary. They had a whole 12 foot high wall of mohair in every color imaginable. Alas, no air conditioning though:(
This couple are regular merchants selling at the open air Farmer’s Market. They grow the wool and do all of the processing in between. I bought a couple of mitten kits from them and some single skeins of yarn.

The Design Museum was just up the street from Menita. It was very interesting. The exhibitions covered all things Finnish from furniture to textiles to glassware to clothing. I bought this bag in their shop. I love it!
Monkey-Cat-Rabbit were joined by some new friends-finger puppets that I found in the Design Museum Gift shop. They are knitted, crocheted, and felted. Pretty cute!

Next: a day at sea and then Stockholm!

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