Berlin! 10July2010

It was 100 degrees the day we were in Berlin. Not bad considering it was probably 115 at home, but it was also about 60% humidity, which made it miserable. Forutnately, our bus had AC. The people who took the train in were hot and it was crowded.

We started our visit with (what else?) but a trip to a yarn shop! It was about a 10 minute cab ride from where the bus dropped us off. We were met at the yarn shop by Horst Schulz, a German designer who has written several books about patchwork knitting. I attended a 2 day class with him at Stitches a few years back. He allowed our group to go to his house for a visit.
I have been to Berlin several times and have done the tourist sites. I left the group when we switched trains in the city, going rogue with my new iPhone to guide me turn by turn. I was in search of the Freitag store. The Freitag brothers are Swiss and make bags that are awesome. In Europe, the trucks have canvas on the sides and tops of the trailers. They have their company logos painted on them. The Freitags buy the used canvas, cut them up and make all kinds of bags, wallets, purses, totes, you name it. The are trimmed with recycled tire inner tubes and use old seatbelts for straps. I bought this one for Carson. This style is called Dexter and it is perfect for a computer bag. I already have one, so I bout one of their Reference bags. You can check them out at They will never wear out and are impervious to dirty things. I am love all things Freitag! Next to impossible to find here. If you order something on a Monday in the States, you will get it by the end of the week. Really, their service is impeccable.
By the time I found Frietag and made my purhases I was starving. The shop is located in a section of town that is not touristy–regular Berliners everywhere. I found this little restaurant situated under a huge tree with picnic tables all around. Probably the best bratwurst ever made. Interesting how they trimmed the noodles with strawberries.
Tomorrow, at sea with classes, on our way to Talinn, Estonia!

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