Welcome Aboard! 9 July2010

In the center–Chris Bylsma casting on a new project. To her left and behind, Gay. Just after this, a lady walked up to Chris and told her that she could show her a way to cast on that is much faster. Chris responded by shaking her head yes, and counting “86, 87, 89……”She apparently did not know that Chris is a talented author, designer, and teacher of knitting. She and Chrissie Day taught classes during the cruise.
This knitting cruise was offered through Craft Cruises. Check them out at craftcruises.com .
They offer all kind of cruises from knitting , crochet, beading, quiliting, you name it. I was very happy with the classes, excursions and the cruise line itself. I recommend it highly. I hope to cruise again with them in the future.
It took a relatively short amount of time to board appx 2,400 of us. There were about 25 knitters and a few spouses. For each port of call, we had either a designer trunk show or a map showing where the yarn shops were located. During the cruise, we met other knitters who would see us sitting around (knitting of course) and come talk to us–wishing they had brought their knitting. Sometimes they followed us to the yarn stores in our port cities.
This was my first cruise, definitely not my last! A couple of tips that were passed on to me that I am really glad I took advantage of–signing up for the spa pass–it lets you go to the sauna, therapy pool, therapy lounge whenever you want—you don’t have to make an appointment. Also–laundry–I could have taken fewer clothes easily had I known abut this.

Our first class was this night. Chrissie Day talked to us about inspiration—looking around in your environment for knitting inspiration not only with color, but with texture and shape as well. She challenged us to use this trip to look for inspiration. Consequently, a lot of my photos show pattern and texture–it has not as yet been translated into knitting, but I am working on it.
Tomorrow, we come into port in Rostock, Germany, and take a bus into Berlin. Stay tuned!

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