More from the Baltics.

I really must finish my trip for you!

I spent time tonight organizing my photos in folders so hopefully I can blog a little each day. My last post was from Copenhagen. We boarded and headed for Warnemunde(I think, or was it Rostock?) which is a port in Germany about and hour or so outside of Berlin. It was really hot this day and we were glad to have a bus take us in to Berlin rather than the train. I have been to Berlin a couple of times and done the touristy thing–Checkpoint Charlie, the Holocaust Museum (HIGHLY recommended), The Brandenberg Gates, the Bundestadt, etc. So this time, we had a date at a yarn shop and were met by Horst Schultz. After a bit of shopping (insert gratuitous yarn photo here)

After a bit, Herr Schultz took us on the train to his apartment, which is an awesome thing to do. Our tour may have been the last that he did this with. I took a 2 day class with him at Stitches West a few years back, so I politely detoured at one of the train changes. I was on a mission to find the Freitag store……………………
(teaser photo goes here)

Coming up next–more of Berlin, the adventures of Monkey, Cat, and a Bratwurst on a hot summer day…..Tallin, St. Petersburg, Helsinki, Stockholm, yarn, food, knitting inspiration and new friends!

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