Baltic Knitting Cruise, Part 1

What better way to start blogging about my trip than with a gratuitous Monkey shot? Here he is on the plane, minutes after

take off. I cast on as soon as I was seated and here the toe is almost
complete. By the time I (we-the Monkey and I) made it to Copenhagen, I
was starting on the heel. It is the Monkey sock in an STR Rare Gem. More gratiutous Monkey shots later–
Ahh, Sommerfuglen in Copenhagen. It means butterfly in Danish. The
source of all things yummy in the yarn
world. This was our first official yarn shop on our yarn crawl through the Baltic Sea aboard the ms Eurodam. I am hooked on cruising. There were 25 knitters and 5
husbands. We had a trunk show here at Sommerfuglen with Helga Isager.

This shop had beautiful yarns. Very friendly people,
very helpful. Shipped our purchases home. That left more room in the suitcase. I bought a Hanne Falkenberg kit for a Duet vest, a Vivian Hoxbro felted scarf kit, enough Isager Wool1 for a couple of shawls, even though it is yarn we can get in the states, it is from Denmark. I also bought some Shuibui (not pictured) sock yarn.

It isn’t stocked in any of my LYS’s I frequent. I found some cool shawl pins, they are made out of horn, deer or reindeer, I don’t know which.

And a Zauberball Crazy. Again, you can find this one in the states, but it is hard to find the Crazy.
Copenhagen is very clean, very modern, very charming. Lots of cobblestone. A friend for Monkey, his name is Cat. More later in future postings. I learned so much, made

new friends, and I am still processing it all. Watch this space for future posts!

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