It is getting hot.

Summer is almost here. And for lots of us, a break from school. The photo above shows my projects for the Knitting Olympics. At 12 is a pair of toe-up no-purl Monkeys for Karen. I had to re-knit from the ankle up because something strange happened to them in the too-tight department. They are in Tide Pooling BMFA STR ltwt. Going clockwise, those are toe-up no-purl Monkeys from my mom in Bella Coola, BMFA STR ltwt. They had the same mysterious ailment that Karen’s Monkeys had. Some kind of Monkey-dysfunction, undoubtedly caused when I got my new Signature DPNs and switched over in the middle of the sock. I had to tink both pair back to the lifelines for the legs and reknit. Next around the clock are my Queen of Beads in the colorway My Blue Heaven, BMFA STR ltwt from the RSC Club last year. I had one almost done, the second one went really fast. And no, the beads to not bother you when you wear them. Last on the clock are some socks for my mom–one of Cat’s patterns from her Insouciant book. They are in a rare gem that I bought at Camp last year.

Speaking of Camp, I am missing it this year. They have 2 sessions this year. The first session is on right now, it runs from Thursday to Tuesday and the second session follows starting Tuesday of this next week. No way that I could go this year. Work has been too cray and both sessions fell after break, I just couldn’t justify it, plus we have no subs this year. And I have no LPN, and I do miss Bertha. So, as a consolation prize, I have booked myself on a Knitting Cruise—from July 9-19 in the Baltic Sea. It leaves from Copenhagen then cruises on to Warnemunde Germany for a day trip to Berlin, then on to Tallin (Estonia), St Petersberg, Helsinki, Stockholm, Kiel (Germany), and back to Copenhagen. I spend an extra day in Copenhagen before the tour starts. Classes are taught while at sea, and at each port there is an organized yarn crawl if you like. And I do like:)

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