I think that these baby hats are more addictive than socks. They go super duper fast and you don’t get bored. I may need a Baby Hat Intervention. There are more hats struggling to get out of my brain. I see ideas everywhere. I am dangerous at Joann’s once I read that you shouldn’t use anything with wool because in the NICU any wool+oxygen=potential for static electricity. Which isn’t good with oxygen of course. Stayed tuned for more hats…….

PLUS, as an extra added bonus there may be a baby soon to model them. This is day #8 in the hospital for Aimee. She changed doctors today-long story–but it is definitelve stopped the contractions. And steroid shots. And on and on. So, as of now, the amnio is not going to happen, she comes off of the mag tomorrow, the catheter is out, the baby girl is 35 weeks, game on! Stay tuned for new developments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!