Ahhh, Christmas has come and gone. I ended up short my mom’s scarf and her socks. I had some unknown sock dysfunction which I have now remedied, but not in time to finish her socks before Christmas. I think everything is OK now, just have to finish Beached sock #2, then I have two more pair that need to be frogged back to the leg opening and re-knit. Same thing with Karen’s Ugg. I think that my problem lies in the fact that I did the Discovery sock on Magic loop and the subsequent socks with y Signatrue DPNs. I knit much tighter with them. Live and learn!

I am in LA with Carson who just moved into a new apartment but hasn’t had tie to unpack. Today we went to IKEA and bought a dresser and this wardrobe organizer thing. They will really help him organize his stuff. Will post photos of the view from his apartment. It is up the hill from Franklin in the Hollywood Heights neighborhood. Very quiet, cool, and secluded.
I must retire—IKEA kicked our butts tonight. Knit on! (did get the new camera and am still learning about it, photos to follow! I am going on a yarn crawl when I go back to Yuma on Tuesday/Wednesday, probably starting at Wildfiber in Santa Monica)