Hi there knitting buddies! Hope your summer is going well–seems like it gets shorter every year.

I bought this bag at Wildfiber in Santa Monica at the beginning of the summer. I have seen these bags there before and resisted, but this time I couldn’t stand it. It is made from Capri sun type juice drink containers. Check out the company’s website at rebagz.com.
By the way—Wildfiber in Santa Monica—best yarn store EVER! We must plan a trip. We could be in Santa Monica in 4 hours if we left on a Friday, spend some quality time at Wildfiber on Saturday, eat ground beef and pickle tacos at Malo in Silverlake for a late lunch, and be back home by 9. I feel a field trip coming! They have an actual “wall o’Koigu”, an adjacent “wall o’cashmere”, and just about anything else you want. Plus some stuff you didn’t know you wanted. We will discuss later………..
The close up here shows that they use everything, even the nutritional labels and the silver part of the bag. The website shows some bags that are all silver. For the life of me, I can’t figure out how they did it. There is no evidence of a seam anywhere. You can carry it anywhere and set it down, it is impervious to yucky stuff on the ground. I bought it as a knitting tote (can you ever have enough?) and have been using it as a purse.
Here is Mr. Stripey Head, made as part of Jackson’s first birthday present. He is from the book “the Knitted Odd-bod Bunch” by Donna Wilson. Check this book out next time you are in a big bookstore or knitting store. He is made from some left over Cascade Fixation sock yarn. He and all of his buddies have really odd bodies (hence the name) and strange faces. The strange faces really are nice because my embroidery skills are less than perfect.
On to my knitting—until next time, take care and happy knitting!

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