This is why we are here.

These are my friends from across the hall giving me a group hug for School Nurse Day!  They also brought us cards that they made, we have them all up on the bulletin board.  They also made a GIANT size card that was on the wall by our front door.  It is inside now, I think I will find a place to hang it permanently on the wall.  The last week has been a very difficult one, and it is nice to see something like their cards on the wall, they make me feel appreciated and happy.  The Principal and Assistant Principals brought us loaves of bread from Kneaders and a couple of REALLy nice gift certificates from Kneaders too.  I know they appreciate us!  (even though I think I sent home about 1/2 of the student body today with flu like symptoms)
And this is an unlucky seamstress.  See the little red dot on her nail that has the thread coming out of it?
It is threaded through the tip of the sewing machine needle, which is buried in her thumb.  She had to have surgery with general anesthesia to remove it.  Ouch!  When her fabric gets stuck next time, she will probably not have her foot on the presser foot of the machine.
All in a typical day, if you add in 60 walk-ins and about 15 kids sent home with the flu.  And I feel a bit yucky tonight…:(   Bertha is already sick, I feel yucky………I will see how I fare the night.

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