Is it March already???

Yikes!  It is already March? Hard to believe.  I am know that I am WAAAY behind in posting.  Just seems like there is not enough time in the day to knit, eat, knit, work, knit, eat some more, watch TV and knit, and sleep.  I would rather substitute knitting for just about any of those other activities!  But, the front flowerbed was overrun with weeds courtesy of the recent rains, and it almost got away from us.  Here is what it looks like now:

The gazanias love it when you dead-head them and they loved the rains.  No weeds for a while now, so more time for knitting!  
Or for watching this little guy:
Meet Jackson, almost 8 months, who first appeared in my blog in July 8, 2008.  He has grown a lot and crawls everywhere FAST.  He has just discovered here that he can actually crawl under his excer saucer.  He is quite a little guy! 
That’s it for now, gotta go pay bills!  Until next time, happy kitting!

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