Happy New Year!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!  Holy cow, 2009!  Can you believe it?  Sounds like the future.  I thought that by this time we would have cars that would drive you, instead of you driving them.  You know, hop in and tell it to take you to Nordstrom’s at Fashion Square, and you could sleep while it drove.  Or, cars that hovered above the ground.  And remember the way that the Jetson family cooked dinner?  They had a contraption that they would talk to and Shazam! the food would materialize.  And the robot maid?  What happened to all of that?  Where is that technology?  Hmmmm…
My mom’s shawl needs one to two more repeats, so it is in progress.  I did finish her Knitters Without Borders socks yesterday.  Her Spring Forwards were actually don BEFORE Christmas, imagine that!  I am now working on her Fixation Riverbeds.  Maybe they will be done tomorrow?  Perhaps?

This is how I spent my New Year’s Eve afternoon.  This is my mom’s Knitters Without Borders Sock, my toe covered by a green blanket, and the gi-normous fireplace in the lobby of the Hon-Dah Hotel lobby outside of Pinetop.  My mom and one of our friends were in the casino, so it was great knitting time for me.  I made my nest on  a big leather couch in front of the fire, and the blanket was something that t
he casino gave my mom for her “frequent flyer” coupon.  
Here are Carson and I before he left for Las Vegas on December 30.  His Bacon 

Scarf is thinner and folds well.   We think that mine has decided to be a Bacon Wrap  rather than a scarf because it is thicker and wider.  These are definitely curious scarves/wraps.  You can see more about the making of these on my Flickr page.
I will have mine at knitting next Sunday.
Hope to see you next Sunday at Papa San’s !  Until then, happy knitting!!!

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