(use your best robot voice)

Hi.  My name is Blarg. I am looking for a boy named Blake.  I am Blarg the Monkey.  Blake is a boy who is loved by a knitter, which is a very good thing.
I have 9 green hairs and big green ears because I have supersonic hearing.  I have pink lips.  I have  a brown tattoo on my left shoulder.

If you kiss my tattoo good things 

will happen to you.

However, you cannot kiss my pink place under my tail because this is where I keep my Secret Monkey Powers.  

This is my friend Amy who is not a Monkey.  She also has a friend who is a knitter.This is a good thing.  When she wears her hat she has Special Powers, but not Special Monkey Powers. 

Good bye.  Must go find my friend Blake and get into some Monkey Business….