Baby Surprise X 3

From top to bottom,  Baby Surprise Jackets by 3 different knitters with 3 different needle sizes and 3 different outcomes–

Top–Kelsie’s Baby Surprise, knitted by me on size 4 needles with 1 skein STR lightweight.
Middle-Crew’s Baby Surprise knitted by Shirley  on size 5 needles with 4 balls of Louisa Harding’s DK.
Bottom-Gage’s Baby Surprise knitted by Helen on size 6 needles with 6 balls of Knitpicks Palette.  
Next time, we will do the buttonholes differently–maybe bind off two instead of one stitch, and rather than yarn over to replace the decreases, wait until the next trip by and do a couple of  knitted cast-on stitches.  It would make for a much neater buttonhole, we think.

Gage’s Baby Surprise!  Knitted by his Nana’ and ready to keep him warm over Thanksgiving.  Helen used Knitpicks Palette yarn, held double (6 balls), with a size 6 needle.  
This BSJ will be gifted to Kelsie today. I used one skein of Blue Moon STR lightweight in Goody Goody, the RSC yarn for July.  It looks great.  There was enough left over to crochet some bouillions ala Prudence Mapstone for decoration.  A lot of her publications can e purchased on line and downloaded to you computer.  
I have a bunch of these bouillions as well as other small crocheted and knitted objects for a purse but haven’t

 as yet put them all together on the purse form.  Darned day job keeps getting in the way of my knitting!

That’s it for today, my knitting friends.  If you haven’t checked out Ravelry yet, go to  and sign up to join.  It is like my space for knitters and crocheters.  It is a great resource, and it’s FREE.  It might take a week or so for you to get the invite to join after you sign up online.  It is worth the wait though.  
I have to jump back into my holiday knitting.  
The pile of projects keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger.

One response to “Baby Surprise X 3”

  1. Hallo!Lovely blog you have here! I´m from Sweden and I love knitting to. Looking around in the cyberspace and end up at your blog!Regards from Annika


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