Christmastime’s a ‘comin!

It won’t be too long, time to get your needles warmed up!  Here are some things that have been knitted in our neck of the woods recently–
This scarf is for Carson.  No, he hasn’t gone all Goth or anything,  the scarf was designed because he really liked the buttons, so I invented a place to put them.  No, I am not adding any more.  It’s an asymmetrical thing.  Really big this year, the whole asymmetrical thing.  There are coordinating wrist warmers too, but I don’t have a photo of them.  This pattern was dreamed up while I visited him in LA a couple of weeks ago.  It is a simple 2X2 rib.  K2P2 across, flip around, knit the knits, purl the purls.  Next row the pattern jumps one to the right.  That row starts off P1, then K2P2 and ends with P1.  Return trip–k the k, p the p.  Next row starts P2, K2, etc, ends K2.  return is k the k, p the p.  Next row is k1 p2 then k2 p2.  Get it?  It makes a diagonal.  Just enough detail to keep you awake.  
Remember this scarf from last post?  It brought 
in $250.00 for the Hospice Silent Auction!
  Which confirms my theory that at an event such as this, people will pay a lot of money for 
something for their kids or grandkids
if they like it.  It’s a two-fer.  It’s a christmas present on one hand, and a donation to Hospice on the other.  And it makes me happy to have created  $250 from $6 worth of yarn!

Speaking of Rats, check out DeeDee’s multi-ethnic Rats.  I mean these are some BIG Rats!  Check out the tail on the last one–it is pointy just like the real thing!  Fran says EEEEEEKK!!!
Next post—Baby Surprises X 3———

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