Rocktoberfest and a bunch of KawKaw

To the left, you will see Treehugger, Bella Coola, Flower Power, and Tide Pooling.  THIS IS NOT A BUNCH OF KAWKAW!

And this is Tide Pooling, RSC September yarn! No KAWKAW here!
   To the left, A BIG BUNCH OF KAWKAW!  Or, Christmas KAWKAW!
And then….. ahhhhhh…………Rocktober!  Carefully aged for over a year, ready to be wound into a yarn cake, stroked, loved, and knitted up into a slip stitch scarf and socks…………….I have literally waited from last November until now.  It was almost more than I could stand.  And that ain’t no KAWKAW.   
Tomorrow I have a date with Jackson.  He might covertly try on his Christmas-present-in-the-making.  And you might just see it here!  Knit on………………

One response to “Rocktoberfest and a bunch of KawKaw”

  1. Yummy yarn! Jackson is adorable.


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