True Confessions, Chapter 2

This I think, is the last UFO that is living in my living room.  It is knit in a Debbie Bliss yarn called Cathay that is 50% cotton, 35% microfiber, and 15% silk.   A yummy yarn.  I bought it at a store in the Thousand Palms, CA area, when we were over there for Billy’s graduation.  That would have been in May 2005.  At that time, I had done a couple of Charlottes, so I wasn’t new to lace, but I remember it being a weird pattern.  It was out of Knitter’s.  I think I will probably rip it out and start over.  I still like the lines of the garment.  It has a lot of drape, I love the color, and the yarn.  

When I finally venture in to my Yarn Sanctuary I will add Chapter 3 to my True Confessions.  Till then, knit on!

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