I always read about people who concentrate their July knitting on Christmas gifts. I can never get into this because it is 115 degrees outside in July, which quashes my desire to knit. For some reason, I always want to start new things in July, which is definitely not something that I need to be doing. However, it is always refreshing to see that someone has actually completed something for Christmas in July.

Here is our mystery knitter with a “jabot” type scarf—the hole in the scarf makes it stay nicely around the neck—but she finished more than this one today—

Here she is again, this Mysterious Knitter wearing a scarf with Large Balls, henceforth known as The Scarf With Large Balls. Guess who the Mystery Knitter is and you win a potato taco!!!

Stay tuned for my true confessions about exactly how many WIP’s (works in progress) I have going. I am actually embarrassed to see how many there are. All will be shown in my next post!

Happy Knitting!