It is definitely Summer time!

I there knitting friends! It is officially summer, the middle of June. I am finally blogging again. I had rotator cuff surgery on June 9, and since my injury wasn’t to the point where a lot of repair work had to be done, I have the official blessing of the orthopod to type on the computer and knit as much as my pain level permitted. Which isn’t as much as I had hoped it would be, oddly enough. I did finish these, with the aid of Vicodin and donut holes.

And I worked on both of these–the coriolis (the one on my foot) I started at Sock Camp and the Monkey KawKaw I started while under the influence of drugs, because if I was thinking clearly I surely would not have cast on yet another pair of socks. Or technically, a sock, since for some reason I am doing only one, another clue that my thinking is clouded.

Speaking of Sock Camp, I came home with no dirty clothes, but a suitcase full of this

After tripping over the suitcase for a month, I was strolling through Joann’s looking for ideas about how to display and store this yarn. I found this

which I purchased and turned into this.

I can look at these wonderful Blue Moon colors while new ideas percolate in my mind.

I have also spawned a couple of monkeys—This one for Aimee’s little one who will be here the end of July,

and this little wild dancing monkey for Lilly, whose mom is a wonderful Public Health Nurse that I appreciate greatly!

This monkey’s name is Nelly, a combination that Lilly came up with to combine her name and mine. Last I heard, Nelly was much loved and was going to show and tell.

I will spare you the photos of my shoulder. I am getting more range of motion every day and I see the surgeon next Thursday. I have no photos of WWKIP Day, even though it was yesterday. I am envious of everyone who had gatherings in climates conducive to gatherings of knitters. The desert southwest doesn’t lend itself to gatherings of this sort when it is 113+ outside.

Till next time, happy knitting!

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One response to “It is definitely Summer time!”

  1. Yay summer!! But I still miss camp!! Don’t you??! I love how you have your yarn set up…looks great 🙂 And the monkeys look fabulous! Cockeyed would be proud!


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