Why we do what we do

Here is why we do what we do. This is Bertha (on the right) and her sisters and niece, all wearing their prayer shawls that Bertha knitted for them this past year.

Here are three of her nieces wearing scarchos that she knitted in 06. She is a prolific knitter, and has at least 3 other shawls, socks, and felted bags. My challenge to all of us is to keep track of everything we knit this year. I think you will be amazed at how many things you make.

Meet Sophie, wearing her her newly finished pink hat! At 10, she is the youngest person that I have ever taught to knit. She and some of her friends like to knit at school recess. It is one of many special things that she does with her grandmother. Way to go Sophie!

Ady is a TA in my office. She is working on a scarf, but check out the scarf she is wearing. I gave my TA’s who knit balls of yarn for Christmas, she has knitted hers into this great scarf. Way to go Ady!

Speaking of newly finished objects, here is Louisa running her waterfall–

This was the first project she undertook. She learned quickly and it became a boring knit. She has done several shawls, scarves, even a pair of Ugg booties. Way to go Louisa!

Here at last is my Urban Bubble Scarf! From the nice, pre-felting stockinette stitch, then with all the balls placed with rubber bands, drying on top of my crocs, and lastly, the finished product. It took 400 yards of a fine mohair 90% nylon 10% and about a zillion little wooden balls. It starts with 3 stitches, increases to 35, decrease back to 3 and bind off. Then, you put the balls the purl side, wrap a rubber band around the ball, throw into the lingerie bag and felt away. I will bring it for show and tell on Sunday. It is the most curious thing I have ever knitted. I will explain on Sunday-hope to see you there!

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