This old sweater………………

Hi there Knit Wit buddies and possibly some Cast-On subscribers! Here are some photos of what I am currently doing with old sweaters. Brenda Dayne brought this sub’s colors ject up a couple of weeks ago in her podcast. I painted my house last April and I am still putting everything back together. The location is in my bedroom, but eventually I will have garments all over my house.

My last post shows my scarves and my Elizabeth shawl. They are hung on wooden dowels that are painted white. I hung them on white toggle bolts. This makes them hang away from the wall a bit, which makes it easier to show them. My idea was to hang them as invisibly as possible, making it look like they are floating there on their own.
The lower two sweaters are well-loved. The cardigan’s colors were picked out by Carson, who was about 6 years old. It was a lot of fun because he told me what colors go where. The bottom left is the gnarly little sweater made from Aunt Lydia’s rug yarn, with crayola buttons on the tab-front. He wore it non-stop during pre-school and first grade. You can see the fuzzies in the close-up.

This close-up shows the sweater I made after taking Horst Schultz’ class at Stitches West a few years ago. I used it to work out ideas. I will probably never give it away, because it is a sampler of many techniques I learned at that Stitches.

And lastly, here are the same dowels sporting my Charlotte’s Web collection.
I liked the first one so much that I made two more. The lime green is my favorite.

Hope this helps help you pull your favorite things out of their under-the-bed boxes so they can continue being loved by you!

One response to “This old sweater………………”

  1. coolest, idea, ever. I heard it on cast-on, and i wanted to see the source 😛 so cool.


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