Welcome Knit Sibs!

Hey there–how are your pointy sticks and string? The weather is cooling and our needle are warming up. What’s on your needles? Here’s what has been on Fran’s—

This is Maya’s new dress knitted especially for her by her mom. Just in time for the cool weather. The neckline and hem are trimmed with fun fur. It will be really cool and trendy this winter.

This is Maya’s sister Sophie—
She doesn’t seem to be a bit afraid of the camera either!
Pretty cute, aren’t they? Wonder where they get it?

If you roll your cursor over the title and click on it, it will take you to the website for knitty.com . This is an emagazine with designers that are every day people like us. The patterns are well written and FREE. You can search their archives by type of garment. Check them out—

Helen finished her linen feather and fan shawl. It is a worsted weight linen that softens with handling. The instructions with the yarn actually state that you can wash it in the machine and dry it.

She wet blocked it and decided against the washer and dryer. I agree with her, I would be scared to death to throw it in the washer and dryer. It is a great color, it will go with absolutely everything.

Some of us are in Mexico this weekend, some in Phoenix, some in Yuma, others off to unknown locations. Hope to see you all Sunday after next. Until then, knit on!

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