Summer’s End

Here we are, school starting next week, and our knitting once again relieves the stress of the day to day toil. We met last Sunday and got to see some great shawls. Yolanda brought in 3 shawls that she did this summer, and I don’t know which one I like best. They are all really nice. This one is knitted out of Knit Picks’ Wool of the Andes (I think). I know she said it took 7 balls and the cost was only about $12.00. It is stunning, and very simple.

The photo doesn’t do it justice. It is quietly elegant in real life. It is an adaptation of a scarf from the Best of Knitter’s Ponchos and Wraps book. A simple knit, taking about 770yds.

This shawl is out of the same book, and is called a Waterfall design. Again, a simple knit, with a different technique for the cast on and cast off. I took this photo as Yolanda was getting ready to leave, out in the restaurant part of Papa San. Before we finished the photo, 3 ladies came over and were ooooing over it. Yolanda probably could have named her price and they would have bought it on the spot. It will be one of those garments that, when worn in public, will gather lots of compliments.

This last one will, I am sure, be duplicated by many of us. This is knitted (very loose) out of Debbie Bliss Merino, a worsted weight I believe, and she has woven a beautiful Sari Ribbon by Louisa Harding in and out of the plain stockinette body of the shawl. The ribbon continues down to form a self fringe at the bottom. Again, a very simple and easy knit, but stunning when finished. Yolanda has been very busy!

This photo just doesn’t show the detail of the bobbles on the shawl that Linda is knitting. The yarn has a little sparkle to it that almost looks like a tiny bead. A bobble is a smal little “blob” where you knit many stitches in the front and back of one stitch, then knit them all together(?). She is placing them randomly, whenever she feels like it. It is a simple knit, but the bobbles break up the routine of the stockinette and don’t compete with the pattern of the yarn either. Linda, bring it Sunday so all can see.

You know, we all need to go out to dinner somewhere and wear our creations. Can you imagine the stir? Or all go to the movies outfitted in shawls/scarves/ponchos/scarchos. Much more fashionable than the red hat ladies!

If you roll your cursor over “Summer’s End” at the beginning of my post, it will take you to a link to the Knit Picks website. They have these nifty bags called KIPers(Knitting in Public). I don’t think I will be able to resist the urge for one more bag. I really like their concept with the add-on purse.

We will be gathering again at Papa San’s (in)Skein Asylum room on Sunday. Hope to see you all there! Bring your FOs(finished objects), WIPs(works in progress), UFOs(unfinished objects), etc, etc.! Hope to see you then!

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