How Long has it been???

First things first—Deb–we are all praying for you both. Know that our strength is with you and Les.
“Knit on, with confidence and hope, through all crises”-Elizabeth Zimmerman

OK, I am a baaaad blogger. We have all been busy, and I didn’thave any new photos until Sunday. It seems like posting without photos is not nearly as cool.

We have some new knitters to shout out to. Louisa is one. I didn’t capture her on film, but I will be lurking at work this week with my camera to see if I can catch her knitting. She gave me a pattern today for the cutest little knitted baby Uggs. Roll your cursor over the title and click on the link. It takes you to the DIY Channel’s Knitty Gritty episode 110. Absolutley darling, Thanks Louisa!

Also a big hello to Karen McNiel, Rene Dhu, and Tracy McNiel. Warning: the camera lurks on Sundays for knitters caught in the act at Papa San. It’s all fun. Karen took to knitting so fast that between lesson #1(casting on the circular cap and adding eyelash) that by the time lesson #2 rolled around, she about 5 hats on the needles and enlisted Linda to help her learn how to close them up. She gets the productivity award, most definitely! Plus–she most definitely has the biggest collection of size 10 1/2 needles in town, in case you need to borrow some.

Check out these photos–this project needs a name. It is a collection of 8 scarves crocheted together to form a poncho.
So it must be a “Scarcho” or possibly a “Poncharf”. Helen made her first right out of the book, this one uses leftovers from the first with a few additions. I want one. I need one. Must have one. Scarcho I want you………….

Check out Yolanda’s Scarcho in progress– We tried different scarves next to her face to figure out what order to put them in.
Yolanda’s is almost all leftovers. She recommends using a yarn with a lot of ease, with a soft hand, because it needs to drape easily. She is going to bring the finished project next Sunday.

HEYYYYYYYYYYYYY SPEAKING OF FINISHED PROJECTS AND YOLANDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here is the famous “Charlotte’s Web”!
Way to go Yolanda!

Helen has an idea about a group entry in the Fair. Not to be judged, just to be exhibited. So–think of your favorite thing you have knitted, if we could all bring one item we could have a cool exhibition of the
Knit Wits/Knits of the Round Table/NKLB! (No Knitters Left Behind)

Better go———-see you next Sunday, until then —
Knit on…………………………

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