Post-Christmas post

Hope you and yours all are well during this warm holiday season! It has been so long since I posted, I almost forgot how to do it. Carson and I just got back from seeing Memoirs of a Geisha. Beautiful movie, but as usual, the book (from Audible) was much better. Now, on to knitting————-

This is the first photo of a recipient of some of our knitting! Isn’t she precious—this is Zia, one of Helen’s granddaughters. She looks like she really likes her poncho and hat, and I think it is safe to predict that she will have a fondness for shoes, just like her Nana’ (the accent is on the last na of Nana). It is wonderful to see the finished objects on their intended!

As many of you know, some of us took a Navajo weaving class in Mesa that started before Thanksgiving. Here is a photo of of Helen’s rug in progress on the left and Shirley working at her rug on the right. Here is a photo of mine, finally, after 5 looooonngggg weeks———–

The classes were held at the Fiber Factory in Mesa. If you’ve never been there, give your self a treat and go. They have not only a great selection of yarn, but all kinds of weaving looms and supplies, spinning wheels, etc. Their classes range from beginning to advanced techniques in basketry, dyeing, weaving, spinning, knitting, and crocheting. The people are really friendly. Call me if you want their address/phone # (my # is 343-4910).

When you roll your cursor over the title of this post, you pull up a link to a site called “Magknits”. Before the holidays, I mentioned that this bag made out of recycled denim jeans would be a cool knit-a-long. I needed something unique for my mom, I decided to knit a prototype for a knit-a-long, and give it to her. The instructions are all straight-forward, and I am glad I did the prototype. I learned a BUNCH of stuff that will hopefully make our knit-a-long easier. You will need 3 pair of jeans, some sharp fabric scissors, and access to a sewing machine. My pitfalls will ease your passage through the project. Here’s the photos–

I still have a bit of remodeling to do–put a toggle on it, move my tag on the inside, loosen up the lining and put some stiffening in the bottom. I did mine in stockinette, the pattern is written in the round and calls for garter, which is knit one row, purl the next when you are in the round. I am going to email the designer and find out why she recommended garter vs stockinette. I also decided to cast on 40 stitches and make it a handbag instead of a tote. The inside has 2 of the Levi backpockets appliqued on either side as big pockets. It did turn out cute. But warning—hard knitting. Not technique wise, just because of the bulk. I used size 11 needles. And it does shed, but it is washable. You have to sew the ends of the strips together, there is no way that you can knot them as the pattern suggests. I know that some of you are quilters, and you will have a MUCH better idea about how to “harvest” the strips after removing the waistband, pckets, and inseams.

That’s about it from the Land of Knitting! Hope you are all well, and happily knitting away. Tentatively, our next Sunday will be January 8 at 1PM at Papa San, Home of the KnitWits!

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