Our Knitting Circle

Sunday, October 2, 2005
OK–treat yourself to a cool webpage. Run your cursor over the title “Knitting Circle”, and click on the link. Click on the double cast-on thumbnail. I just think this is the coolest page, especially if you know you are missing one part of a technique. Check it out–

Charlene started this scarf last Sunday, and bound off today! She already has a hat in the works to match. More photos this weekend of the completed duo!

This little poncho and hat were made by Linda in a ribbon yarn. You must see this set–the poncho has drops and she designed the hat to match, complete with drop stitches too. The lucky little girl who will receive it lives in a warm climate, so it will be perfect for her. Also—–this is the yarn Linda dyed with orange Flavor Aid. Her husband Danny found a mohair to go with it while they were at JoAnn’s. The variation of color in the yarn and the flecks of yellow in the mohair really bring out the lights and darks in both yarns.Linda—Please bring these next weekend to show those who weren’t with us last Sunday. They were both fast knits, and I really love the depth of color in the dyed yarn.

Gotta go–I have 2 shawls to block for show and tell next time. ’till next Sunday–Onward!

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