4 September 05

We had a great session last Sunday at Papa San. In this photo, Fran is showing her latest creation. You have to see this scarf, it is so unusual! I think Fran has a great sense of color.

Shirley is starting the “trust-me-it-really-is-easy-Charlotte”. Really, it is. Honest. Truly Easy, right Shirley? Only 2 (count ’em-2!) pattern rows. You do have pXXX on the backside. But, that’s the price for it being easy.

And here is DeeDee, the most intuitive and prolific knitter I know. She is full of great ideas and actually finishes them, unlike myself. This is a poncho that she is making out of multidirectional strips. Great for those cold(er) football games. The texture is great. Come see it next Sunday!

Here is Deb with Marilyn, the newest member of the Knit Wits! Marilyn is not new to knitting, but has a renewed interest. In this photo Deb is showing her some new techniques. We are glad to have you with us, Marilyn!

We are going to do a group gathering in the very near future on Kool-Aid dyeing. If you are interested, check out the website that is linked to the date on this blog. It shows you which flavor makes which color. You can order the yarn from
knitpicks.com It is called color-your-own and comes with great yardage and price in 3 weights–worsted, fingering, and lace. Even if you don’t have yarn and want to watch, it is a great, easy, and non-messy project. Honest. Trust me.

Stay tuned for more Kool-Aid info! KEEP ON KNITTING!

3 responses to “4 September 05”

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