Kool-Aid Easy Charlotte

Whew! Just got back from San Diego. A “suicide” trip over and back to have the last of the body systems checked. So far, the skeletal, sensory (visual), respiratory, integumentary, reproductive, and endocrine are all “A-OK”. Ready for some serious

Here is the absolute “koolest” thing I discovered this summer. The photos show the before and after of my Black
Cherry Easy Charlotte.

I dyed this fingering weight merino with Black Cherry Koolaid, and just a touch of Grape. The yarn is from Knit-Picks, is about $3.50 a skein. Including shipping and 12 packs of KoolAid, this comes in just under $20.00. Contrary to what you may think, this is NOT MESSY. The fiber soaks up all of the pigment. You know you are done when the Kool-Aid water is clear. You could dye your project after knitting if you wanted.

This is a Lily Chin pattern, and as she states, it is the EASIEST lace pattern you will ever work. REALLY! TRUST ME! OK, I know you aren’t finished with the tempestuous Charlotte yet, but don’t be prejudiced against this Easy Charlotte. Here’s the good news–NO graph, NO stitch markers, and only 2 pattern rows. And boo-boos are even easier to fix. The back is purled. I know how we all feel about purling, but the knit side is ultra-fast so it makes up for the purling. Besides, you don’t have to pay attention to your knitting on the purl row, so you can look around and see who is watching you knit in public. Or, you can see how fast you are driving. (just kidding-) This is TRULY a great virgin lace project. You can use any size yarn and the needle size appropriate for the yarn. Hard to believe, but this is a “no-brainer” project. Remember the great shawls that Fran made for her mom and aunt? This pattern is just as easy.

time for KNITTING!

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